Ambitious, knowledge-based B2B companies face the ‘superset’ of marketing challenges and can benefit most from the latest marketing technology

1. You sell to Large Global Organisations. At first glance you have to look like the kind of company large corporates want to buy from. 

2. You sell to a Global Marketplace. With a technically superior product you can sell to the whole world. Resources are scarce, so what marketing activities are most effective have to be well understood and prioritised.  

3. You have 11 seconds to make an impact in the buyer’s mind and establish yourself as ‘Best Buy for X’. You have to immediately demonstrate you understand the buyer’s pain and needs, plus position yourself for category leadership and communicate your value proposition – that’s a tall order.

4. Marketing is a challenge. The management team is commonly technical with a poor experience of marketing – tactical, ineffective and not aligned with business plan objectives.

McRae & Co is a B2B marketing specialist with hands on experience of the best marketing systems. We work with a range of ambitious B2B companies to bring marketing expertise into the senior management team without the difficulty or expense of a full-time Marketing Director appointment. Our unique model focuses marketing on delivering the business plan objectives, generating high quality sales leads and positioning companies for category leadership.

Our experience comes from working with dozens of high-growth, category-leading and often investment-backed B2B businesses across Technology, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Manufacturing and Professional


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