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Here’s what techno-savvy sales and marketing types are talking about today. Marketing Automation #3 in the top trends to watch. The evolution of technology helps define our future. New ways we communicate (tablet computers, cell phones, Twitter), socialize (Facebook, Match.com), do business (LinkedIn, company websites), shop (Amazon.com, anything on the Internet), entertain ourselves (computer games, Internet-connected televisions, 3-D movies and televisions) – all have a technology basis. For your business to thrive, it too must be technologically in the forefront. Here are a baker’s dozen technology trends worth paying attention to.

  • TREND #1 Google Apps – Web-based messaging and collaboration
  • TREND #2 Trend: Social Media – Pick And Choose
  • TREND #3 Marketing Automation – The 10-foot View

Read Alan Horowitz’s full article in Advantages – July 2011 Issue