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So now you have a database full of qualified sales leads, prospects who are both interested in your product and ready to buy. How do you convert those leads in to valued customers?

There are a number of different approaches you can take. Most often sales representatives deliver comprehensive presentations and attend pitches armed with case studies, product sheets and brochures. An increasingly popular method is remote selling via webcasts or webinars, or to simply deliver the pitch over the phone. However one method, outlined by notable customer expert and popular blogger Jill Konrath, is driving sales with satisfying results.

“Naked Selling” is the concept of dropping every brochure, product sheet or case study and arriving with absolutely nothing to hide behind. Armed with nothing but a pen and notepad, the sales representative is forced to focus on the prospective client and engage, discuss, learn and understand all of their needs and how best to serve them.

Konrath believes that the vulnerability of the seller brings them closer to the client and enables a mutual relationship to be built. The sales person explores the prospect’s business, asks questions and offers insights and responses and the result is a conversation that is fully client focused, rather than completely product centred.

The objective of naked selling is to discuss, rather than sell. Understanding the prospect’s objectives, their ideas and what their expectations are will both enable the strongest pitch possible and achieve a valuable relationship with the client – one that is likely to yield far greater returns in the future.

An essential element of making things easier to buy and not sell.