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Industry experts Adam Sharp and Jeremy Jones present best practice advice on how marketing automation can get sales and marketing working together and maximise marketing ROI, bringing productivity, efficiency and performance gains marketers hadn’t thought possible……

  • best practices examples for creating effective lead generation and nurturing programs
  • how the step to marketing automation solutions is small in hindsight once you realise the value on offer
  • focusing the sales effort on meaningful buyer discussions rather than wasted trips to Edinburgh
  • keeping it simple and all in one place – pulling the individual bits of software solutions that don’t talk together into one joined up solution that does
  • driving competitive advantage through operational effectiveness and much smarter marketing (vs current ‘spray and pray’ awareness driving)
  • building compelling content based on personalisation, an ongoing dialogue, integration with other platforms and building up a customer centric view of the world
  • developing ‘continuous campaigns’ – marketers have to stop cutting down the trees and start sharpening their axe

Adam Sharp, Managing Director, CleverTouch Marketing

Jeremy Jones, Vice President – Marketing, Datanomic Ltd